Sunday, May 8, 2016

Suggestions of Top 5 Activities for Habesha in Stockholm

This topic is most relevant to : Swedish and International people interested in Ethiopian cultureHabeshas born and raised outside EthiopiaHabeshas Studying and Working outside Ethiopia.(For mobile devices,click on "view web version" below the page,if preferred.)

Are you confused on how to entertain your visiting friend in Stockholm ? Here is the list of my top 5 activities in the city in descending order .
ይህን በጋ ጏደኛዎትን ስቶክሆልም ውስጥ ሊያስበኙ  የሚችሉበት አምስቱ ስፍራዎች  :-

5.Walking around Gamla Stan and visiting the old buildings in a summer day is refreshing.

4.Bird eye view Tower(Kaknästornet):Watching the city of Stockholm from all angles and from one place is entertaining. In this spot, there is a Microscope which has high resolution.In addition, there is a cafe.

3.Cruising and sight seeing in a summer day is amazing.Specially when it is sunny and not windy.Enjoying cold drink while seeing outside is a memory that you would not forget with your friend.

2. Visiting Vasa Musuem is exciting. Stockholm's most popular museum. You would be able to visit ancient boat recovered from the sea which is interesting.

1. Gröna lund is awesome. There are many different items which are exciting to try out.The one in the picture is highly exciting.

Det här inlägget förklarar min topp 5 aktiviteter för en Sommar i Stockholm. Vad är din favorit?Vad platser bör jag att lägga till listan?

Ha en bra Sommar!

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