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Religious Institutions for Habesha in Stockholm

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There are few religious institutions that Habeshas can visit in Stockholm. Depending on the type of belief you follow, there are establishments that one can stop by. Unlike many Swedes that does not indulge in the subject, Ethiopians have close ties to religion. As a result, coming from a nation where the value of religion is significant, it is difficult for one to experience the rituals and the ceremonies that are common in the establishments. It is even more uncomfortable if you are located in small town other than Stockholm.

EOTC Stockholm
Fortunately, there are some institutions that you can visit if you are in the capital. For instance, if you are a follower of the Orthodox Christian religion, there are four churches you can attend to. The first one is referred as "Silassie" (Trinity) church and is located in Centralplan, Nacka. Every late Wednesday and Friday afternoon there is a bible study session which begins and ends with a prayer. You can take bus number 444 from Slussen and head towards Västra Orminge. More information is available at The second one is placed closer to Hötorget. It is only one station from T-centralen. The third one is situated around Hagsätra metro station.You would need to walk approximately 150 meters to reach to the church.The prayer,song and gospel is conducted in Amharic and Geez for the churches stated above. Furthermore, there is one church that is located near Akalla. However, since this is an Eritrean Orthodox church, the prayer and the gospel are presented in Tigrigna and Geez languages.
On the other hand, if you are a Protestant or a Muslim, there are few places you can visit. For example, the Jerusalem Evangelical church in Älvsjö is well known.Additional information about this church can be found at Moreover, there is a possibility to visit Sodermalmkyrkan, that  is located directly in front of Skanstull subway station exit. Here, the gospel and the prayer is administered in Swedish, however there is a live translation service into English language. On the other hand, if you are a Muslim, there are spiritual sessions one can attend to. The first is situated right outside of Kista station, next to the former Kulturhuset's library and the other is placed closer to Hallonberg metro station.

Coming from a religious background,it is not easy for Habeshas to exercise religion in Sweden. However,in this places,you would  be able to meet fellow Habeshas who are interested in religion and religious activities. Once you visit this places, you can be able to obtain respective weekly prayer and gospel schedules from leaders as well as service contributors. If there are places that you would want to mention, please leave a comment. Finally,what's your thought regarding spiritual life in Sweden? How do you see the challenges ?

Swedish Version

Det finns få religiösa institutioner som Habeshas kan besöka i Stockholm. Beroende på vilken typ av religiös tro du följer, det finns institutioner som du kan besöka. Till skillnad från många Svenskar som inte ägnar sig åt religion, historiskt, Etiopier har nära band med religion. Så kommer från en nation där religionen betyder allt, är det svårt för en att uppleva de religiösa ritualer och ceremonier som är vanliga inom institutionerna. Speciellt om du ligger på liten stad än Stockholm, är det ännu svårare.

Om du är Orthodox, du kan besöka :
  • "Silassie" Kyrka, nära  Centraplan,Nacka,
  • "Silassie" Kyrka, nära  Hötorget Tunnelbana.
  • "Medhaniyalem" Kyrka, nära Hagsätra Tunnelbana.
  • Akalla Orthodox Kyrka
Om du är Protestant, du kan besöka:
Om du är Muslim,du kan besöka:
  • kista Tunnelbana,nästa till gamla Kulturhuset Biblotek
  • Hallonberg Tunnelbanan
  • Medborgarplatsen

Kommer från en religiös bakgrund, är det inte lätt för Habeshas att utöva religion i Sverige. Men i detta ställen, skulle du kunna träffa andra Habeshas som är intresserade av religion och religiösa aktiviteter. När du besöker denna platser, kan du kunna få respektive  scheman från religiösa ledare och gudstjänst deltagare. Om det finns religiösa platser som du skulle vilja nämna, lämna gärna en kommentar. Dessutom, vad är din syn andligt liv i Sverige?(klicka 'view web version' ner om du vill kolla webb-version )

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