Thursday, November 30, 2017

Korpen Football Week 47: Still work to do yet progress shown

The second week of our football tournament entertained a tangible progress when compared to the previous. Our team leaders finally brought the long awaited jerseys to us and we played dressing them. However,the score sheet has once again been unsatisfactory. We still could not be able to score one goal at the match. But we have showed a better defense compared to the first week's humiliation. In addition, we had few chances of scoring opportunity but we have failed to turn them into goals.

It is possible to imply that the improvement was obvious when one sees the motivation showed by my teammates. We have realized that few players are beginning to adapt the way the game should be played after seeing their outstanding performance. At the same time, we have well understood that the need for training is important. Therefor, we have already began searching for training centers which can accommodate us. There is an ongoing discussion with regard to selecting a suitable time that can work for all.

This Sunday, we will have the third match in our division. We expect to give our best even though it is going to be challenging. Some of the players in my team are not satisfied with the scheduling since the game takes place in the evening. But,this does not seem to be a matter of concern that will stop us from achieving our goal!