Thursday, April 21, 2016

My first funny experience in Sweden

This topic is most relevant to : Swedish and International people interested in Ethiopian cultureHabeshas born and raised outside EthiopiaHabeshas Studying and Working outside Ethiopia. (For mobile devices,click on "view web version" below the page,if preferred.)

Hey! What is your unforgettable experience since your arrival to Sweden ? It is my opinion that finding oneself in different culture is a unique and interesting thing. It opens up new ways of thinking on how we look at things while contrasting it to the one we had. New people,new culture come to our existence and create an international atmosphere. As for me, the one experience I wouldn't forget is my first day. It has to do the way how I pronounced the name of the city I had to go for study. The new alphabet letters like 'ä','å' and 'ö' were not easy to use in a word and so my friends it was funny for some people whom I was asking for information. Please share your funny Swedish moment !