Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Korpen Football Week 46: Match Report

We had our first futsal match last Sunday. Being a new endeavor, it entertained a few talking points. My team is assigned in division 13 where new groups are commonly placed. For most of the players in our team it was the first time that we participated in indoor football tournament. And therefore we did not really know what to expect. 

The match was scheduled to kick off at 19:45 and we reached the compound approximately one hour before to discuss on important issues regarding team management, for example selecting goal keeper. One task however should have been completed before the game. Our jersey were supposed to be with us at the changing room but instead we dressed vests, which we were using while training. Then we replaced our jersey numbers using a scotch tape and sticked them into our vests. This was due to a delay caused by the company which were producing our shirts. 

When the match began we thought it may cause a problem; luckily however, there were not any. We have not had a proper game plan since we thought the game would be more or less similar to the one we exercise at the outdoor pitch. However, it was not the case. We learned that it is important to have tactics and that it requires quick movement with the ball and hence team work was vital. Even the size and the weight of the ball were strange for us. We were all over the place and the match result was unlike other. Our team conceived so many goals and raised the question for more training.

It became as a learning experience for us. We are hopeful that it won't happen again since we are not complacent with the outcome.If we are to learn from the mistakes we did from the previous match and close the loopholes, there is no reason that will stop us from getting a good result.
On Sunday we will have the second game in our division. We are looking forward to improving our performance!